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What Is Wi-Fi 7?

Whereas Wi-Fi 6 offers merely incremental speed increases over Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 7 is all about lightning-fast connections. Tthe new standard for 802.11be could delivers nominal peak data rates of more than 40Gbps. To put that in perspective, Wi-Fi 7 is four times faster than Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, which can hit maximum data rates of 9.6Gbps, and close to six times faster than Wi-Fi 5, which maxes out at 6.9Gbps.

H3C launched globally its enterprise-class artificial intelligence (AI)-native new Wi-Fi 7 access points (APs) WA7638 and WA7338 on April 7 2022

Strong Signal

Smart Antenna Array

Software Defined RF


High Efficiency

Channel Reuse



Extraordinary Performance

End-to-End Guarantee

AC Hardware Acceleration

Wi-Fi 6 Experience

Wi-Fi 6 Product Family


Powerfull Wi-Fi 6 Experience

WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi 6 access points include a complete and powerful wireless feature set delivered by a zero-touch deployment experience. Utilizing secure WPA3 encryption,. High-efficiency Wi-Fi is enabled through dedicated radio scanning, centralized management, intelligent reporting, and deep visibility into wireless ecosystems to stay focused on what matters.

What is Wi-Fi Security ?

WIPS or Wireless Intrusion Prevention System is a term from the Wi-Fi industry that refers to the prevention of Wi-Fi threats, and at WatchGuard we have taken it to the next level. Our WIPS is unlike any other competing Wi-Fi security solution on the market. WatchGuard's patented technology ensures you have the real, accurate, and automated Wi-Fi protection that your business needs.

Each WatchGuard access point (AP) has the flexibility to operate as both an access point and a dedicated WIPS security sensor protecting any 3rd party brand access points.