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Real Protection with AuthPoint Total Identity

AuthPoint MFA
Deploy a complete multi-factor authentication solution with single sign-on (SSO) and risk-based authentication that’s easy to manage and use. Strong time-based tokens are pushed to a phone app, where additional factors and our mobile phone DNA help to confirm identity.

Corporate Password Manager

Improve password quality, reduce resets, and mitigate risk from shared or stolen passwords. Our Corporate Password Manager creates strong, complex passwords and provides the enforcement controls and shared vaults that businesses need.
WatchGuard Cloud
WatchGuard Cloud
With automated token provisioning, full user synchronization with external directory services, and support for documented 3rd-party integrations, WatchGuard Cloud centralizes Identity Security management as part of our Unified Security Platform.

What is Authpoint Total Identity Security?

Solutions that authenticate the identity of the person accessing a system are highly effective in protecting data and credentials against cyberattacks. At WatchGuard we have a series of technologies that help protect and shield your customers' data, which are included in AuthPoint Total Identity Security. Below, we outline the different solutions included in the Total Identity Security bundle and how they help protect your data. 

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): 

    This system is essential for all organizations concerned about protecting their systems. It consists of a computer access control method that asks users to prove their identity more than once, through a push notification on their device, a QR code, or a one-time password as an additional factor that authenticates identity, verifying the DNA of our device as the authorized user. This prevents threat actors from accessing the organization’s network.

  • Dark Web Monitoring: 

    This summer it was revealed that more than 100,000 GPT-Chat credentials were on the dark web, which highlights cybercriminals’ growing interest in this type of data. It’s important to monitor the status of your credentials to check whether they have been compromised and take prompt action if this is the case. A solution that detects if any compromised credentials are languishing in domains controlled by the dark web and that sends you an early notification so that you can avoid further damage is a boon for security.

  • Credentials Manager: 

    This helps users to ensure their passwords are strong and secure and reduces the number of times we reset access credentials. It’s an effective solution to encourage responsible use of credentials among employees

  • WatchGuard Cloud: 

    This solution centralizes identity security management as part of WatchGuard’s Unified Security Platform, reducing the likelihood of credential-based system breaches.