Vembu Backup Solution 

  • Complete backup solution for backing up VMware virtual machines while running and restore VMware into you live environment or to a new virtual machine
  • Hyper-V backup and restore into the new or existing site to recover from failure or system crash 
  • Bare Metal Recover any Windows Desktop from disaster or ransomware in minutes
  • Fileserver data backup and restore
  • Application-aware backup and restore for Exchange, SQL, My-SQL, Share-point, Outlook, etc


Vembu help SA SMBs Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

For Enterprise & SMB
Vembu VM Backup and Replication


Backup 10VM licenses

For Enterprise & SMB
Vembu HyperV Backup and Replication


Backup 10VM licenses

For Office 365
Vembu Backup Office 365


Backup and recovery for Office 365 – Limited to 10 users


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File and App
Office 365
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G Suite

Vembu Backup & Replication for VMware

FeaturesFree EditionStandard Essentials EditionEnterprise Essentials EditionDescription
Agentless VM backups Tick Tick Tick Configure image-level backups for VMware vSphere VMs without installing any agent inside VMs
vCenter level backup Tick Tick Tick Add VMware vCenters and configure image-level backups for the VMs directly from the Vembu BDR Server console
Application-aware backups Tick Tick Tick Application-aware & database consistent backups for the VMs running on your ESXi host or vCenter server (including log truncation)
Backup multiple VMs Tick Tick Tick Backup multiple VMs irrespective of size, type, application, data and operating systems in a single backup job
Automatic Backup Scheduling Tick Tick Tick Automate your backups by scheduling them on hourly/ daily/ weekly basis
HotAdd Transport Mode Tick Tick Tick Utilizes the VMware HotAdd mode of data transfer for faster backup processing
VM/Disk Exclusion Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Exclude VMs/Disks from being backed up
Near Continuous Data protection Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Ensures lesser RPO with the incremental backups that can be scheduled every 15 minutes
Changed Blocked Tracking (CBT) Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Only the blocks that have been changed since the previous backup are tracked and backed up in the successive incremental schedule
Forever Incremental Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick After the successful full backup, only the incremental backups will be taken thereafter
Advanced Reverse Incremental Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Vembu’s in-house file system-VembuHIVE reduces the I/O latency by virtually merging the incremental backups and retaining it as a synthetic full backup for every recovery point
Log truncation for MS Exchange Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick The transaction logs of MS Exchange can be truncated after successful backup for efficient storage management
Log truncation for MS SQL Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Users can truncate the logs of MS SQL post successful backup to save storage space
Basic retention Tickupto 10 VMs Tick Tick Provides the flexibility to retain up to 999 of daily merged recovery points for data archival and management
Advanced retention (GFS)     Tick Manage recovery points that can span years by merging the recovery points using daily/weekly/monthly merge options
Backup Persistent Data     Tick Utilizes the fastest VMware SAN transport mode for backing up virtual machines by reading the VM data directly from the SAN or iSCSI LUN where the virtual disks reside
Native Tape Backup Support     Tick Implement 3-2-1 backup strategy by archiving the VMware backup to standalone tapes and tape libraries greater than LTO-3 as a secondary backup
VMware Backup Proxy     Tick Distribute the workload of the Vembu BDR Server by processing the backups through the proxy agents
VM File Exclusion     Tick Exclude the files and folders from the VMs when taking the backup

VM Replication

VM Replication     Tick Replicate the VM running on an ESXi server to another ESXi server to ensure business continuity
Failover     Tick Failover the replicated VMs on the secondary site during a disaster
Failback     Tick Failback the replicated VMs to the source host or different host


Instant boot VM on VMware ESXi Tick Tick Tick Instantly recover the backup by booting it as a VM on an ESXi host
Instant boot VM on VMware Hyper-V Tick Tick Tick Instantly recover the backup by booting it as a VM on a Hyper-V host
Instant boot VM on VMware KVM Tick Tick Tick Instantly recover the backup by booting it as a VM on a KVM host
Full VM Recovery Tick Tick Tick Permanently restore the backup VM to the same or different ESXi host
Instant File-level Recovery Tick Tick Tick Instantly recover the individual files and folders from the backed up VMs without restoring the entire VM
Disk Mount Tick Tick Tick Attach the backed up disks of your VMs virtually to the disk management of local machine through the Vembu virtual drive and restore the necessary files
Disk Level Recovery     Tick Attach the disks of the backed up VM to another VM on an ESXi host
Instant Granular Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Tick Tick Tick Browse, search and restore the individual Exchange items such as emails, calendars, contacts of users directly from the backup data
Instant Granular Recovery for Microsoft SQL Tick Tick Tick Browse, search and restore the individual databases and tables from the backed up VM
Instant Granular Recovery for Microsoft SharePoint Tick Tick Tick Browse, search and restore the individual SharePoint sites and documents from the backup data
Instant Granular Recovery for Microsoft Active Directory Tick Tick Tick Browse, search and restore the individual user roles and other AD items from the backup VM
Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V) Tick Tick Tick Migrate the backup VMware VMs to other hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V or KVM
Restore Persistent Changes     Tick Include changes made on the VMduring Instant Boot VM session when performing the permanent recovery


Web Based Management Console Tick Tick Tick Configure, edit and monitor your backups from a single web based user interface
Reports and Email Notifications Tick Tick Tick Status report of every backup schedule is generated and it can be delivered as an Email to the users
Different Storage Mediums Tick Tick Tick Storage devices of any file system that include local, SAN, NAS, DAS can be used as backup repository
In-built Compression and Deduplication Tick Tick Tick Backup data is stored on the backup repository after compression and deduplication to manage storage storage efficiently
End-to-End Encryption Tick Tick Tick Encrypt all your backup data with inbuilt AES-256 bit algorithm for secure backups
Offsite DR   Tick Tick Offsite Disaster Recovery provides extended data protection to safeguard sensitive business data by replicating them from production site to offsite data center
Cloud DR   Tick Tick Create a copy of the backup data to the Vembu Cloud residing in AWS and recover them from anywhere at anytime
WAN Acceleration   Tick Tick The compressed, encrypted and deduplicated blocks are sent off-site to optimize the data transfer rate thereby saving bandwidth
Backup Window Settings   Tick Tick Prevent backups from interrupting your network traffic during critical operations by stopping the backup schedule for a certain period
Web Services API   Tick Tick Integrate Vembu BDR Suite with third party products using the Web Service API’s provided by Vembu. You can use these APIs to automate any of the operations
Group Management   Tick Tick Group the backup data and give access only to the particular group for the required users.
Vembu BDR360 for Centralized Monitoring   Tick Tick End-to-End visibility to all the backup jobs through a single centralized web portal to enhance the productivity with extended reports and email notifications.
Scale-out Storage Repository   Tick Tick Scale out your storage repository by adding physical/network storage devices based on your storage needs
Automated Backup Verification     Tick Verify the recoverability of the backup data automatically by performing boot, mount and integrity check for every image based backup jobs
Vembu Client Agent for VMware     Tick Deploy client agents and configure backup jobs from them to reduce the load of the backup server
Bandwidth Throttling     Tick Optmize your network utilization during peak production hours by limiting bandwidth usage for offsite backup copy


Vembu Office 365

Backup Office 365 Mails, Contacts, Calendars and OneDrive data. Backup entire domain or selected user data. Store backup data On-Premise or Vembu Cloud. Restore selected user mailbox or individual mails. Export to multiple formats like .PST, .EML, .VCF, .ICF Download