CryoServer Email Archive

Enterprise Information Archiving

Once implemented, email message data is captured automatically in near real-time and data is sent encrypted to the CryoServer Archiving Platform where it is indexed and made available for quick, on-demand search alongside all other supported content types. The email content is threaded together to show the full context of the conversation. Images and files are supported and can be viewed or downloaded in the context in their original form. Messages can be retained for the duration of your compliance or other business needs.


Email Security is a 3 Step process


Step 1: Remove Spam and Malware

Step 2: Archive

Step 3: eDiscover


The secret to a reliable archive solution



Pay only for the active mailbox and still retain email from an inactive mailbox


Lightning fast and accurate search of items


Support all mail systems with direct, relay and API connection to an email system. Archive any mail platform, o365, Exchange, Lotus, Groupwise, cPanel, etc


Free yourself from being dependant on a platform, and choose from on-prem or cloud


Add an archive mirror site to your off-site disaster recovery environment to have more redundancy.


Host all your customers on one instance with secure separated SSO access.

Audit Trail

Accurate tamper-proof audit trail of all activity


Local support in your country.


Why keep something if you can never find it?

Cryoserver is an email archiving solution that stores an identical copy of every email ever sent or received by your users and turns that data into a useful repository for everyday use. You can be safe in the knowledge that any business-critical information sent or received using email is stored securely in Cryoserver, where it is instantly retrievable.

What’s Your Email Retention Policy?

There’s no shortage of regulation when it comes to communications and storage of data – from how long a business should keep consumer emails to how long they should store employee information. Whichever industry you are in, chances are that you will have to deal with overlapping legislation about what you can and can’t keep, how you should keep it, and how long you should keep it for. Cloud-based email compliance software ensures your data is aligned with legislation accordingly.

Do you need to pay to get your data?

CryoServer allows our customers to access their data and export data they need. Do not get locked into a solution where you need to pay to get a copy of your data. 



Email Compliance and Audit Readiness

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Retention Policy

Cryoserver email archiving software ensures your data is aligned with legislation accordingly. Encrypted and secured


Track the entire life cycle of an email. Complete audit log of all activities on each item.


Find any data item within seconds, with an extensive search function on keywords or phonic searches


No hardware, software or plug-ins are needed or have your data stored on your site.


Your employees can send messages with the email client (ex. Microsoft Outlook), iPads, or the mobile devices of their choice.


Secure connection between you and your email archive, including an option to replicated your data to a disaster site.