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Internet Securiy

Total Security

SecurityDefends against viruses, ransomware & more

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PerformanceProtects – without slowing you down

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SimplicitySimplifies security – easy to set up and use

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PC, Mac & mobileSecures your compatible devices – in any combination

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PrivacyStops webcam hijacks & hides browsing – on PC & Mac. Blocks phishing

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MoneyLaunches encrypted browser to protect online transactions – on PC & Mac

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Safe KidsIncludes ‘bad content’ blocker, GPS tracker & more – on PC, Mac & mobile

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PasswordsManages & stores passwords and syncs them for access on PC, Mac & mobile

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File protectionBacks up your precious photos, music & files – on PC

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Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are working. With ‘set and forget’ security for 5-25 employees, it protects your Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, as well as your Windows file servers, to secure the files you value most.

  • Advanced ransomware protection and rollback to avoid someone’s accidental click makes computers locked down
  • File Encryption and Backup to secure your intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Safe Money to pay bills and taxes online with confidence
  • Android device protection so your employees can work safely from their personal smartphones and tablets
  • Built-in vulnerability scanning to ensure the business apps you use are safe from intrusion


Endpoint Security for Business

With more of your business operations going digital, you need to protect every server, laptop and mobile device on your network. Select tier combines multi-layered technologies with flexible cloud management and centralized application, web and device controls to protect your sensitive data on every endpoint.

  • Protects against the latest security threats, including fileless threats
  • Reduces your exposure to cyberattacks with endpoint hardening
  • Helps boost productivity and keeps employees safe with cloud-enabled controls
  • Protects servers and endpoints without damaging performance
  • Secures diverse environments – PC, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android
  • Simplifies security management with a unified console


Integrated Endpoint Security delivers an effective defense against advanced threats targeting your organization, without stretching your resources. Our multi-layered approach, combining a full stack of powerful protection, detection and response technologies in one tightly integrated solution, protects you against attacks.

The granular controls with category-based whitelisting databases make it easy to enforce policies specifying which applications and online resources your users can access, and when. If your administrators choose to modify policy settings, the ‘Security Advisor’ will advise on any potential pitfalls.

Our innovative technologies mean that very large numbers of incidents can be dealt with fast and effectively, leaving your specialists free to focus only on those that really require human input.