Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving End of Life – EOL
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Dell EMC SourceOne Archiving End of Life – EOL

Dell EMC SourceOne is reaching its end of life (EOL) date; Dell has tentatively placed the End of Support Service (EOSS) date at December 2024, which places a hard deadline on companies currently making use of their archive and email management system. Companies are therefore placed in a conundrum regarding what to do with their existing archive – namely, the prospect of identifying an alternative, and then migrating from Dell SourceOne all existing data.

What now what can you do.

Now is a good time to consider an alternative email archiving solution. Cryoserver is completely focused on email archiving. In addition Cryoserver:

  • Is available in the cloud and on-site.
  • Provides robust, resilient and reliable archiving for email and Microsoft Teams.
  • Offers fast searching, security and flexibility.
  • Has proved itself over the past 20+ years
  • Supports thousands of organisations, large and small, in 40 countries.
  • Archives billions of emails for companies globally.

We’re ready to help you now and can promise you and your business a smoother journey. We’ve no plans to merge with another vendor.