New FireBox T Series
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New FireBox T Series
I’m excited to announce that we are bringing new tabletop appliances to market that will support the Access Portal service for clientless remote access and the second malware scanning engine with Intellignet AV

June 2020, WatchGuard will release the new T20, T40 and T80 tabletop range. This new release will address the need for better VPN speed, faster internet access and overall better securtiy.


Firebox T20 T40 T80
UTM (w/ Full Scan IPS) 154 Mbps 300 Mbps 631 Mbps
Firewall (IMIX) 510  Mbps 1.04 Gbps 1.32 Gbps
VPN (IMIX) 140 Mbps 272 Mbps 416 Mbps
AV 328 Mbps 586 Mbps 1.15 Gbps
IPS  (Full Scan) 271 Mbps 510 Mbps 909 Mbps
HTTPS content inspection with IPS (100% HTTPS) 50 Mbps 92 Mbps 356 Mbps
Firewall (UDP 1518 byte) 1.70 Gbps 3.40 Gbps 4.70 Gbps
VPN (UDP 1518 byte) 485 Mbps 880 Mbps 1.4 Gbps



So many companies are relying on cloud hosted applications for their business today. Salesforce, Concur, G-Suite, O365, video conferencing etc. It’s important that they have reliable connections to those applications providing the bandwidth that they need. This has driven the growth of SD-WAN in branch offices. Multiple WAN links provide redundancy but SD-WAN solutions help to dynamically select the appropriate link to use, or prioritize the bandwidth that is allocated to specific solutions. Companies can save money by eliminating expensive MPLS connections and relying only on public internet and VPNs. 

Zero Touch Deployment

Site visits are not profitable for MSSPs. Anything that they can do to avoid sending technical staff out to sites to install appliances is welcomed. Zero touch deployment provides way to get appliances provisioned quickly is welcomed. Especially resonates in these covid lockdown days. Cloud management and visibility to quickly diagnose and address issues

Access Portal

WatchGuard Access Portal is another way to provide secure remote access. It provides a single sign on portal with convenient SSO access to both internal applications and cloud hosted SAAS applications.

A SAML identity provider (IDP) like WatchGuard’s Authpoint can be used to manage the SSO and enforce MFA.

One of the benefits of Access Portal is that it provides a secured clientless access to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and SSH sessions.

We’ve seen much great adoption of Access Portal over the last month as companies have moved their workforce to home.

Previously it was mainly used for powerful and privileged user access. Now people want to get as many users as possible accessing internal servers using the secure RDP sessions.

The number of supported sessions can vary depending on the type of activity performed while the user is connected to RDP. And also the number of other services that are running and users traffic that is passing through the firewall.