SpamTitan Email Security adds Sandboxing and DMARC Authentication
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SpamTitan Email Security adds Sandboxing and DMARC Authentication

SpamTitan email security customers, both new and existing, got a pleasant surprise earlier this week when leading cloud security vendor TitanHQ added both sandboxing and DMARC authentication to the SpamTitan product. These advanced threat protection layers were added as part of the SpamTitan product suite at no additional cost to customers.

SpamTitan became the default standard for South Africa and Africa when it comes to spam and virus prevention in South Africa. ISP, MSP and end customers now have a world-class solution and an affordable price tag as well as the option of an on-prem or South Afirca cloud based solution.

Due to the sophisticated nature of advanced persistent threats via email SpamTitan's latest release now includes a sandboxing feature and anti-spoofing layers. SpamTitan sandboxing protects against breaches and data loss from zero-day threats and sophisticated email attacks by providing a powerful environment to run in-depth, sophisticated analysis of unknown or suspicious programs and files. SpamTitan sandboxing will protect against malware, spear-phishing, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and malicious URLs, offering insight into new threats and helping mitigate risks.

Ronan Kavanagh, CEO, TitanHQ commented: "Since its inception, we have developed SpamTitan for the SMB market and have always listened to the end user. The two improvements that were consistently requested were sandboxing and advanced anti-spoofing. I'm delighted to launch both features today and we will continue with our commitment to continually invest in, develop and improve SpamTitan email security. To be able to include this level of advanced security in our products without selling it as a separate line item is exactly how we feel the needs of the SMB audience should be met."   

TitanHQ's core market is the Managed Service Provider (MSP) servicing the SMB market. The ability to have a multi-tenant, scalable, easy to run private cloud instance at an affordable price point has proven a huge success in the MSP market. The addition of sandboxing and DMARC has been met with enthusiasm, especially with MSPs servicing Microsoft O365 email environments."

About TitanHQ

TitanHQ is a 25-year old multi award-winning web filtering, email filtering and email archiving SaaS business. TitanHQ protects over 7,500 businesses and works daily with over 1,500 MSP's. TitanHQ protects your customers from malware, ransomware, phishing, viruses, botnets and other cyber threats. Most importantly their products were built from the ground up with MSP's for MSP's.  TitanHQ saves MSP's support and engineering cost by stopping cyber threats at source for their clients.