Self-Service Password Management Solution
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Self-Service Password Management Solution

New Ivanti Password Director Reduces the Burden on IT by providing end users with a fast, secure way to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts, while enforcing a strong password policy

Ivanti, the company that unifies IT to better manage and secure the digital workplace, today announced the introduction of Ivanti® Password Director. Designed to reduce the burden on IT, Password Director enables IT organizations to quickly and easily empower their end users to resolve their own password resets by providing them with secure 24/7 access to a number of automated, self-service password reset options. "Password reset requests are one of the leading reasons that end users reach out to the service desk and they can be one of the most expensive burdens for IT," said Ian Aitchison, Senior Product Director, Ivanti. "By expanding our offering to include an integrated, automated and self-service password management solution, we are providing our customers with greater flexibility of choice when it comes to increasing productivity, enforcing stronger password policies and enhancing their overall security posture." With Ivanti Password Director, end users can reset their passwords or unlock their accounts quickly and securely from the convenience of their Windows pre-login screen, a self-service web portal, or a mobile app—without contacting the service desk. This can drastically reduce the number of service desk calls and free up a considerable amount of IT's time for better use, while keeping end users productive. Key features include:
  • The ability to reset passwords across Active Directory, Office 365,, and a growing list of additional reset sources
  • Support for secondary email, security questions, and one-time PIN
  • Service desk ticketing integration with Ivanti ITSM solutions include Service Manager and Ivanti Service Desk
  • Service desk analyst or end user's manager reset
  • Support for a wide range of end user environments, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Mobile, and Virtual clients
  • Reporting via Ivanti Xtraction
Strengthening Security through Policy Compliance and Authentication
Despite the ongoing threat of data breach, many end-users practice poor password hygiene. "Selecting weak passwords that can be easily remembered, re-using passwords, or writing passwords on a sticky note creates a security risk," continued Aitchison. Ivanti Password Director enables customers to strengthen security through the consistent enforcement of their password policies. For example, when an end user resets their password, the user-friendly interface shows in real-time whether their password meets the organization's defined requirements. For added security, Ivanti Password Director provides multiple authentication methods to verify an end user's identity before proceeding with the password reset or account unlock. These include secondary email address, security questions (pre-built or custom) and a one-time PIN sent via SMS or other method. Ivanti Password Director is available now. For more information, visit