How to stop Spam
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How to stop Spam
You get a couple email types but in short they fall into 2 categories, ┬áThose you want and those you do not want, Mails you do not want could be either someone trying to get your attention, selling something or someone would like to cause you some sort of damage. But this is still mails you do not want. To stop receiving these mails you need to add some sort of spam protection. To tell your customer to stop entering his email on web sites or to share it does not make sense. Most sites require this information and you have no control over how they use the information. POPI (Protection of Personal Information) is trying to address this but that will still not stop it. Some Anti Virus solutions does offer Spam blocking as part of their solution and this work great for single users/ home users but is does become a problem when you need to manage multiple customers. For small to large customers you need something that could handle the volumes of emails. SpamTitan offers this and it is locally hosted in South Africa. What you get is not only the blocking of spam that could take up a third of your bandwidth but also a full relay engine able to keep mails in quarantine. SpamTitan stops spam, viruses and pattern filters unwanted items. What makes the solution attractive for customers is that the do not need to do anything, accept list the domain with Robinson Distribution and the rest of the magic happens. With over 100 000 customers in South Africa this solution has proven its ability to protect customer from that do not want emails and viruses.      

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