AVG File Server


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Our business security tools give you all the top-rated antivirus protection you’ve come to expect from our products. From instant email alerts about threats and to remote admin tools that help you manage online security on the move.

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24/5 English support*Experts are just a phone call or email away.
Cloud Management ConsoleManages your network and devices remotely from a single location.
File ShieldDetects and removes malware and viruses from your PCs and laptops.
Email ShieldInspects incoming and outgoing emails for malware and spam.
Web ShieldBlocks harmful downloads and dangerous websites before they open.
Link ScannerScans every link, including those on Facebook and Twitter, for potential threats.
Behavior ShieldProtects confidential files from suspicious wifi networks.
FirewallFilters network traffic and prevents untrustworthy connections.
File ShredderPermanently deletes files that you don’t want recovered.
CyberCaptureSends unrecognized files to Avast’s Threat Labs to be analyzed in real-time.
Smart ScannerQuickly scans your computer for performance or security issues.
SharePoint ProtectionAnalyzes everything that’s uploaded and downloaded to your servers.




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