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Any patch, anywhere

With so many security breaches lately, many organizations are scrambling to implement proper security practices, including comprehensive patch management. Shavlik Protect provides everything your organization needs for an effective patch management strategy, including OS, virtual infrastructure, and third-party application patching.

What is Protect?

It’s an easy-to-use security software solution that discovers missing patches and deploys them to the entire organization. Most organizations focus on patching servers with OS patches. Shavlik Protect goes beyond OS patching and adds third-party software update distribution, virtual infrastructure patching, and patch scanning for all the Windows systems on your network. Install in 10 minutes and configure in 20 to begin patching your environment in 30 minutes.


Protect benefits and features



Everything you need for consistent, cost-effective patching for data centers and workstations.

patch everywhere

Patch both on-premise and off-premise machines with agentless or cloud-based patching.

Patch MS

Update and patch many of the most vulnerable software titles.

patch virtual

Patch offline and online virtual machines, including virtual templates and even the ESXi host.

patch easy

Realize value in 30 minutes with a quick install. Assess the environment and deploy patches with an easy-to-use interface.

patch reporting

Discover what’s missing in your environment and demonstrate compliance.

automate task

Perform IT maintenance tasks to better secure and obtain information about your environment.

power management

Turn machines off to save on power bills, and wake them up to ensure they’re ready during your maintenance windows.


Gain additional protection from antivirus and anti-malware with this optional upgrade.




Protect Linux, UNIX, and Mac environments

You need patch management software in your toolbox that can handle today’s heterogenous environments. Extending patching beyond Windows is a must. And doing this efficiently, using a single interface and automated tool, not only frees up IT, but also reduces human error while enhancing your defenses.

Ivanti Patch for Linux, UNIX, Mac can swiftly detect vulnerabilities in your environment, from endpoint to data center, and deploy expertly pre-tested patches automatically. Efficiently patch across all those OSes and Windows


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