WA6630X New Generation 802.11ax Outdoor AP



  • Triple radio 802.11ax outdoor model
  • Max 5.4Gbps speed, multi-rate 5GE uplink, 3 radio with 10 streams
  • Intelligent Cloud-antenna system
  • 5-fold protection systembased on IP68 level
  • Extending IoT interface
  • BLE embedded


  • Best choice for outdoor high-density and IoT campus network 


Models 802.11ax & 802.11ac Wave2 Series AP


 Model Standard/Band  MU-MIMO  Speed (bps)  Fixed Ports   Type
 WA530  11ac Wave2/Dual radio  2x2:2 (2+2)  867M+400M  2 GE  Wi-Fi5
 WA536  11ac Wave2/Triple radio  2x2:2 (2+2+2)  867M+867M+400M  2 GE  Wi-Fi6
 WA538  11ac Wave2/Triple radio  4x4:4 (4+2+2)  1733M+867M+400M  2 GE  Wi-Fi6
 WA560  11ac Wave2/Dual radio  4x4:4 (4+4)  1733M+800M  2 GE  Wi-Fi6
 WA510H  11ac Wave2/Dual radio  2x2:2 (2+2)  867M+300M  1 uplink,4 GE, 2 Pass through  Wi-Fi6
WA530X (outdoor) 11ac Wave2/Dual radio 2x2:2 (2+2) 867M+400M 2 GE, 1 SFP  Wi-Fi6
WA5330 11ac Wave2/Triple radio 2x2:2 (2+2+2) 867M+867M+400M 2 GE, IoT  Wi-Fi6
WA5530X (outdoor) 11ac Wave2/Triple radio 4x4:4 (4+2+2) 1733M+867M+400M 2 GE, 1 SFP, IoT  Wi-Fi6
WA5530i 11ac Wave2/Triple radio 4x4:4 (4+2+2) 1733M+867M+400M 2 GE  Wi-Fi6
WA6622 11ax/Dual radio 4x4:4(4+2) 3G 5GE + GE, IoT  Wi-Fi6
WA6628 11ax/Dual radio 8+4 5.95G 10 GE + GE  Wi-Fi6
WA6638 11ax/Triple radio 4+4+4 5.95G 10 GE + GE, IoT  Wi-Fi6
WA6330 11ax/Triple radio 2+2+2 2.7G 2.5GE + GE, IoT  Wi-Fi6
WA6630X/6320H Outdoor/Wall-jack 10GE,IoT  Wi-Fi6