H3C Switches

New H3C Switches Products

After over 20 years of networking innovation, research and development, New H3C have accumulated significant industry-leading Ethernet-related intellectual property and numerous patents. With a range spanning ten series and hundreds of switches, New H3C’s options can cover your networking needs – from the data center core to campus access and remote branches. And all products run New H3C’s Comware OS, providing a unified command interface that simplifies configuration and maximizes automation.

To further reduce customers’ IT maintenance workloads, allowing them to focus on IT strategy and deployment, New H3C offers a comprehensive, innovative virtualization solution. Via virtualization of one set of physical network resources into multiple logical networks, different security, and management policies for different users can easily be configured.

For data center applications, integration, virtualization and automation form the three main pillars of New H3C’s approach, which allows the deployment of security integration, network virtualization and automated management solutions in unified Ethernet-based data center solutions, maximizing network resource utilization, and greatly reducing the hardware investments required to achieve desired levels of service.