Complete O365 and Gsuite protection

Cloud Email Security is different

Conventional solutions, built for on-premises email have failed to adequately adapt for the cloud.
Proxies and gateways impair native security tools, will forever be blind to cloud threats like compromised accounts and don’t extend protection across connected applications like SharePoint and Slack.
Avanan stops threats before the inbox and works seamlessly with your existing security.



 Office 365 Security Left 2  

Unique architecture built specifically for the cloud

Avanan connects to your environment and scans for threats after your existing security — but before the inbox. Because it deploys inside the cloud, it offers the best defense against insider threats, Business Email Compromise and breached accounts.


Secures the entire cloud

Avanan catches threats in connected cloud applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Teams.



Ready to fully secure your cloud email and collaboration?

Approve the Avanan app in one click and start blocking phishing, malware, and other advanced threats that have evaded existing security.