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When it comes to BlackBerry, Retain archives all mobile communications for BlackBerry Devices via the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Retain for BES does not require that an app be installed on each BlackBerry device. This is because it pulls data and information directly from the BES Server itself. And Retain for BES archives all data to the Retain unified archive database. There, all data is easily reviewed, retrieved, discovered and published, on demand.

With Retain Mobile you don’t lose valuable information; moreover, your organization stays compliant while your sensitive data stays securely within your organization.

Retain Unified Archive Retain provides world class unified message archiving, eDiscovery, and publishing for organizations looking to:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Manage Complexity
  • Mitigate Risk on-prem or in the cloud

With Retain Mobile, archive everything into one location: email, social media interactions, and mobile messaging. With Retain you’re ready to seamlessly archive single or mixed messaging platform environments, as well as your social and mobile messaging--all in one central location. Once they are archived, all messages are then securely stored in a single unified Retain database where they can be easily accessed through the Retain web access archive viewer.

Every day, thousands of SMS/PIN messages flow in and out of your organization. Instant communication for nearly every department. Driving business forward as a competitive advantage. Regardless of the size of your organization or type of industry, understanding, preserving and having ready access to company information contained in these text messages is necessary and, in the event of litigation or a compliance audit, vital. What’s more is that this same valuable data, unless secured can move easily from disgruntled employee to your competition.


GWAVA® Retain™ Solution:

Retain for BlackBerry Enterprise Server enables productivity gains for the entire organization without sacrificing security and advantage in case of litigation or compliance audit.

Built specifically for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, Retain from GWAVA offers complete and seamless archiving of SMS and PIN messages and phone usage data. Unlike other archiving products, Retain requires no software to be loaded on the Smartphone – dramatically easing the IT support and maintenance burden. In addition, Retain offers powerful audit and administration features that allow administrators to specify which Smartphone users’ they are allowed to audit. Access to sensitive accounts can be limited to key personnel with appropriate security clearance. Of course all activities are logged and included in a detailed audit trail.

Finding a particular message is easy. Search criteria may be based upon key words, dates, date ranges and predefined regular expressions such as “Social Security Numbers.” Search results are retrieved from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server SQL archive and can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Adobe pdf and MS-XPS formats.

All of the reasons your organization chose to archive email apply to the retention of text messages. Retain integrates with Zantaz, Assentor, EVault and any email archiving solution that supports SMTP. Retain converts each text message into an individual piece of email, so all of your archived data can be stored in a single repository.

The second generation of Retain also supports all email platforms.



  • 4 Retain for BlackBerry Enterprise Server enables both mobile freedom and is a critical component to a data loss prevention strategy
  • No software is installed or maintained on the device
  • Precise audit trail and reporting showing exactly which messages were reviewed and by whom
  • Supports all major email systems (Microsoft Exchange, IBM/Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise)
  • Live Confidential Message Inspection
  • Flexible user rights management
  • Granular forensic tools
  • Easy deployment, minimal changes to network infrastructure and hardware Desktop System
  • Windows Vista or XP, with .NET Framework 2.0 or later
  • For .xls exporting, Microsoft Excel must be installed
  • 1 GB Hard Drive Space 4 512 MB RAM



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