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Why Third Party Archiving is Essential to Office 365.

eDiscovery Management:

The standard archiving functionality found in Office 365 is not enough for the enterprise. Office 365 lacks critical capabilities which leaves your organization at risk for data loss and compliance violations.


The Top 7 Enterprise Deficiencies of Office 365:

  • No search or publishing tool
  • No centralized accessibility to message data
  • Limited archive space
  • No eDiscovery options available
  • System auto-purge of user deleted messages
  • Only creates personal archives, not a system wide archive
  • You do not control your archived data, thus the policies of Office 365 have problems fitting your archiving policies

Retain Solves these Deficiencies:

  • GWAVA Retain is the enterprise-level archiving solution for Office 365. Retain provides the tools your organization needs to ensure your data is securely archived, thus mitigating your risk for data loss and compliance violations. With Retain, Office 365 customers will have:
  • Policy-based archive. Retain disables Office 365 auto-purge.
  • Unlimited archive space
  • Centralized control of messaging data archive.
  • Extensive search and publishing tools. Data is easily searched and exported through the built in publishing tools.
  • Built-in eDiscovery tools. With stand alone viewer and litigation hold, print, forward, save, redact, export and search tools.
  • Complete data control. You can maintain all the benefits of Office 365 and ensure your messaging system is securely archived on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Centralized accessibility. All archived data is accessible within the simple web portal.

Considering a move to Office 365?  Retain helps you migrate from your current messaging system to Office 365.

  • Simply archive all of your messaging data to Retain, implement Office 365, then restore your archived data to your new Office 365 system.
  • No need to worry about lost messaging data or files with Retain.
  • Retain’s flexible storage options enables your archived data to be stored on-prem, or in the GWAVA cloud.
  • No matter where information is stored, Retain provides instant and easy access for eDiscovery and end user accessibility.
  • After implementing Office 365, if you ever decide to move back to Exchange, Retain gives you the ability to do so.
  • The archived messaging data is the same. You can be assured that migrating to and from Office 365 will be easy and seamless.



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