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GWAVA Reload™ is the fastest disaster recovery tool available for GroupWise. Reload delivers quick message restore as well as hot backups of post offices and domains, ensuring that critical data is always current and available.

Push-button Recovery - Reload provides one-click GroupWise disaster recovery. With hot backups of the GroupWise system, Reload allows for immediate recovery and full restoration of all or any portion of your mail system - a domain, a mailbox, or a single email.

Built for Speed - Simply put, Reload is fast!

The rapid backup capabilities of Reload allow you to perform and access intra-day backups of post offices and up to 10 simultaneous backups. With its unique design, approximately 12% of the total size of the post office is stored on disk each day, even if you are doing multiple daily backups.

Designed for GroupWise - Reload is built and designed for GroupWise to ensure perfect backups of your GroupWise system. Backups made by Reload use Novell's SmartPurge technology which ensures complete backups. With Reload no e-mail message is purged until it is backed up by the Reload server.

End User Self-Service - With the “Auto-Reload” feature, users can easily retrieve email messages, calendar items, or attachments, that have been accidently deleted from GroupWise without any assistance from IT.

Single Instance Storage - Reload stores only one copy of an email or attachment, keeping storage costs low.

Post Office Migration - Reload includes tools to migrate your email data back to a production server. It can also help you migrate a post office or domain from one platform to another - such as migrating from NetWare to Linux.

Web-based Administration - The web interface for Reload provides a central point for all administration tasks such as monitoring system health, checking available disk space and managing backup profiles. Main tasks are prominent and easy-to-use.

Profile Management - Manage Reload profiles directly from the main administration interface. Reload allows you to make changes globally across all of your backup profiles.

Optimized for Tablet-friendly Interface Tablets - Reload is optimized for easy viewing and performing all processes from your mobile devices.

Reports and Notifications - View useful statistical information such as backup runtime and backup completion time, via single consolidated daily reports. In addition, Reload can send email notifications to multiple recipients to alert administrators when pre-configured thresholds have been exceeded.

QuickFinder Resolution Agent (QRA) - Reload solves your Novell Groupwise rebuild issues. It can take days for Groupwise to fully restore enduser index and find capabilities after a database rebuild. Yet, with GWAVA Reload our QRA restores end user search abilities in a matter of minutes.

In-line Help - Reload web administration includes context-sensitive help to give you relevant information when and where you need it.

Client-Free - With Reload, there is no software to install on your GroupWise servers; all of the software is installed with the Reload package on the Reload server.

Multi-System Integration - Reload backs up GroupWise post offices regardless of the platform used. This includes Linux, NetWare and Windows. Reload is fully compatible with GroupWise 7 and above, as well as GWAVA Retain and Blueprint for Reload.

Store Your Backups On-Premise, Offsite, or In the Cloud - Choose how your data is stored. Data can be stored on-prem behind your organizational firewall, offsite, in the GWAVA cloud or as a hybrid of on-prem, off site and GWAVA cloud.



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