How to stop Ransomware

Including CryptoWall and CryptoLocker The number of ransomware incidents has exploded in the last few years, infecting hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide. Ransomware is malware that’s designed to hold your data hostage unless you pay up. Wait too long —or try to rescue it — and that data can be gone for good.ransom

Avira Appoint Robinson Distribution as Channel partner

Pretoria 06 January 2016 – Avira a marker leader in best-in-class antivirus protection announced the appointment of Robinson Distribution as distribution partner for Africa. “We are fortunate to be associated with such a market leader in the antivirus industry and we know this will benefit our customers and partners” says Dirk Robinson, Manager at Robinson Distribution.

GWAVA release Archive 2.0 suite

Archive 2.0


Montreal, Quebec, Canada – January 7, 2016 — GWAVA, the leading provider in archiving and eDiscovery for electronic communication data, is pleased to announceRetain 4! This latest release of Retain Unified Archiving includes a completely redesigned user interface, an advanced “Google like” search tool, the Retain High Performance Indexing Engine, plus native support for iCAS technology, and message deletion.

WatchGuard Delivers High-Speed, Modular UTM Appliance

WatchGuard FirewallFirebox M4600 and M5600 provide distributed enterprises with security, speed, and flexibility

SEATTLE - February 23, 2015 — WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in multi-function integrated security appliances, today announced the release of the company's highest performing Firebox® M4600 and M5600 Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances. In addition to top performance, WatchGuard's M4600/M5600 firewalls offer flexible port modularity, and redundant power supplies, making them a perfect fit for organizations with larger and often dispersed environments that require fast speed and flexibility, such as distributed enterprises.

Top performance paired with speed, flexibility, and affordability makes these appliances ideal for taking the lead in distributed, hub-and-spoke type deployment scenarios. Typically deployed at the corporate headquarters, these appliances serve as the "hub" appliance, responsible for managing and securing all communications between the head office and all remote employee and small business sites.

Magic Quadrant for Unified Threat Management 2015


Published: 27 August 2015
Analyst(s): Jeremy D'Hoinne, Adam Hils, Greg Young, Rajpreet Kaur
Unified threat management devices provide small and midsize businesses with multiple network security functions in a single appliance. SMB buyers should carefully evaluate UTMs' performance when numerous security functions are enabled, and UTMs' ability to handle new SMB practices.Strategic Planning Assumptions Replacement of UTM by cloud options will remain at less than 5% through 2016; however, by then, most UTM devices will leverage cloud-assisted security or management features.
By 2018, 30% of SMBs will use mobility management capabilities from their UTM platforms to enforce distinctive policies — up from 10% today.

McAfee email security end of life

Mcafee Cancelled Security 

If you are a McAfee business customer you probably already know that McAfee (Intel Security) will stop selling a number of its email security products in 2016 but existing customers can continue renewing their subscription and receiving support until 2019. What to do now?

You will need to move to an alternative solution for your email filtering and perhaps you don't want to move to the solution McAfee recommend. Why not consider SpamTitan ?


WatchGuard Release AP300 wireless

Watchguard Access Point

Network security company, WatchGuard Technologies, has launched its new AP300 that aims for secure wireless access.
It was designed to work alongside the company's Unified Threat Management (UTM) Firebox appliances.
WatchGuard said the AP300 offers the 802.11ac standard and fast roaming to improve quality for VoIP devices and fast handover and band steering that aims to move devices to the clearer 5GHz band.

WatchGuard director of product management, Ryan Orsi, said, “the AP300 provides the latest wireless technology and best-in-class security features working together to help protect customers.”
“Unfortunately, hackers are also constantly trying to gain a foothold into the network. Businesses that fail to properly secure their Wi-Fi networks, including guest hotspots, may expose customers, partners and internal users to a variety of risks,” he continued.

AP300 product informationAP300 InfoGet more information on the AP300!


2016 Security Predictions


The start of the new year brings with it the prospect of many exciting new opportunities, and as the past has proven, the security threat landscape will constantly change and present new information security challenges ahead. Come explore the universe below and visit galactic hotspots for insights into WatchGuard’s 2016 Security Predictions. Each day we will unlock one new security prediction per business day for 10 days starting on Thursday December 3, 2015. The security predictions highlight new and emerging information security trends that criminals may deploy, using old and new methods to expand reach, exploit users and gain access to valuable data. For more in-depth analysis on these security predictions and Daily Security News Bytes year-round, please visit the WatchGuard Security Center blog. Also have a look at Watchguard firewall products range.


Watchguard Security Prediction

Big Security in a Small Package


At WatchGuard, we believe that good things can come in small packages. Our smallest tabletop appliances run the same operating system, or firmware, as the largest rack mount units. This means we can provide enterprise class security in a small form factor that helps protect small offices, retail stores, and remote branches of a distributed enterprise.

This is why we are very excited to introduce the next generation of our tabletop appliances today, the WatchGuard Firebox T30 and T50, which replaces our existing XTM 25/26 and XTM 33. With the Firebox T-series, companies of all sizes can benefit from our suite of sophisticated security technologies that have been developed to protect the most demanding enterprises. For example, with the WebBlocker service, every link is checked against the Threat Seeker cloud URL database from Websense. Using Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), the Firebox looks for attacks against known vulnerabilities using technology from Trend Micro. Our newest subscription service, APT Blocker provides a defense against advanced malware. We check unknown files in a next generation sandbox in the cloud using full system emulation technology from Lastline.

Microsoft products safe ?

Shavlik PatchManagement


For years, Apple users taunted Windows users for all of the malware and security vulnerabilities that plagued the various Windows operating systems. Well, things have changed a bit. Mac OS and iOS now have more vulnerabilities than Windows.

The tabulation comes by way of CVE Details (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), which draws on security vulnerabilities reported to the National Vulnerabilities Database, which is run by the U.S. government.



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